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We congratulate with the Holiday of the great victory
We congratulate the Winners

As keeping with tradition on May 9th all cruises of the flotilla "Radisson Royal" will be dedicated to the great heroes of the victory and the winners!

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The main feast of summer
Summer Solstice Day!

On June 21 the most cheery, bright and brilliant people will gather again on board of the snow-white yacht in order to set off for the special cruise* on the occasion of the Summer Solstice Day! 

The rich program of this cruise includes:

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If movement is life, dancing is life full of happiness and bright moments
Everybody dance!

On April 29 at 20 pm onboard one of snow-white Flotilla Radisson Royal yachts will be organised special cruise party dedicated to International Dance Day.  

We invite all those who are slaved to the rhythm, who hear the music of life, passionate about dancing and would like to learn a couple of new movements. All guests of this special cruise will enjoy:

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