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Special Flotilla Radisson Royal, Moscow 1,5-hour express cruises, will be available from the first of May.
Reactive cruises

If your life is full swing, if you always try to be in different places at the same time and combine business with pleasure, Flotilla Radisson Royal express cruises are created for your special benefit! During this 1,5-hour cruise you will have an opportunity to enjoy the views of the main sights of the capital, try delicious cosmopolitan street-food, relax with a view to great Moskva river and discuss all the actual topics with your friends or business partners.

You can be sure of the quality: during high-speed cruses places of interest of our capital gain special charm, river breeze plays with dresses much funnier and our dishes cooked and served at a reactive speed will gladden even pernickety guests.

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If you are looking for a wedding - ethereal and beautiful - like your love, Flotilla "Radisson Royal" is what ideally suites you!
Wedding on a yacht

These snow-white boats with panoramic windows and climate control are well-equipped and can easily overcome the ice. Elegant contours of the hull, interior design and spectacular views of the sparkling festive lights of winter Moscow outside the window will make your wedding photo shoot unforgettable, which can successfully be presented at the international Biennale.

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We know what children like
We know what children like

"Our young guests deserve special attention", - so decided the team Flotilla "Radisson Royal" and took appropriate measures.


A professional animation team specialized in children's entertainment attend our young guests at all daily cruises of Flotilla "Radisson Royal". Departure at 13:00 and 15:00 on Saturdays and Sundays. Under their leadership the younger generation will be able to conquer the water expanses of the Moscow River, without disturbing the other passengers.


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