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June 21, we are celebrating the most cheerful holiday - the Day of the Summer Solstice!

une 21, we are celebrating the most cheerful holiday - the Day of the Summer Solstice! * On special cruise of the day we welcome the sun and celebrate before the shortest night of the year falls**! The program of special cruise includes:


  • Expressive and evocative life performance of  band Frontmen, summer dance mixes from DJ of Moscow FM radio station on the upper deck


  • Dances to exhaustion: master classes, competitions and your improvisations


  • Hymn to the beauty: floral bracelets are free for all ladies, amulets of Summer Solstice day, summer hair style with flower accessories from beauty salon “FreshManiya” and gift from photo studio “Smilephoto”!


  • Quizzes from MC and Queen of the Cruise Award with gifts giving and Grand prize!


  • Huge prize fund from the Partners of the cruise and the Flotilla: dinner for two persons on the Flotilla’s cruise in the business class saloon, cruise along the Moscow River for two persons in the first-class saloon, gift certificate from beauty salon "FreshManiya”, gift certificates for brand procedure “All fingers at a time" from manicure and pedicure salon chain "Palchiki", Exlusive scarfs Caractere

Great prizes provided for the competition "Queen of the Cruise" as well!

  • Legendary Blackberry phones from TRIAT SYSTEMS which is a long standing partner of the Flotilla!
  • Certificate for the dress from the collection “Pet-a-Porte delux” of fashion designer Mariya Rybalchenko , who is the winner of Third All-Russia Professional Designer's Contest Tissura Couture Belle époque de Sophie, and a regular member of Russian Fashion Week (RFW), Siberian Fashion Week, the exhibition Pret-à-Porter in Paris and other international exhibitions


  • Collective farewell, marking the longest day of the year– cocktail Kir Royal is free!


  • And of course summer, sun, river, lots of smiles, fireworks of bright clothes and unforgettable views of beloved Moscow from the best view points! 


  • Dress code: yellow and orange clothes, a sunny mood!


*Ticket price for the special cruise with show program is 1500 rubles (VAT included).

**Special cruise will depart at 9.00 p.m. and come back at 11.30 p.m.  Boarding starts at 8.20 p.m.



History of the holiday: The longest day and the shortest night of the year astronomically fall on 20-21 June. This day is celebrated since ancient times in many countries and under different names, such as: Solstice, Litha, Ivan Kupala. The holiday of summer solstice and balance has a sacral sense. This day was celebrated with water purification (during the day) and fire purification (during the night). Swimming in rivers and lakes in Midsummer Day was common in all Slavic countries. Traditionally, during the summer solstice, when the sun is at the peak of its powers, people made protective amulets from different herbs for their homes and pets.