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Wedding on the yacht is fairy tale!


Wedding on snow-white yacht is coming fairytale!


This choice is not less responsible than the choice of life partner. In this case it is better to trust the professionals, such as a banqueting service of the flotilla "Radisson Royal."

By choosing one of white yachts for your wedding, in addition to its stylish and superbly equipped hall, beautiful views from the panoramic windows and an open upper deck, you will receive an experienced team which was proved by the most high-status and responsible events carried out at the highest level.


NEW! Special Wedding offer for 50 persons with total budget of 625 000 rubles (VAT is included):


  • 5 hours rent of the magnificent snow-white yacht “Radisson Royal”  


  • Dainty banquet menu with sparkling wine and service


  • Festive decorations of the hall (table linens)


  •  Stationary sound and multimedia equipment


  • And the apogee of the festival - a delicious wedding cake from pastry chef of flotilla Radisson or night at the legendary "Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow" with the opportunity for a photo shoot in the interiors


And of course you will want to repeat the celebration “encore”!