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Constant summer holiday

Summer is a holiday itself, but the team "Radisson Royal" always tries to make any occasion a truly bright and memorable one. This summer on the daily flotilla’s cruises you will find:


June 1: International Children's Day. Animators will work on all daily cruises. With a free Ice-cream scoop for every child!


June 21: Day of Summer Solstice (special cruise) *. Dance master classes and competitions, live performances of your favourite songs from our cover band, surprises and gifts, hair plaiting and photo studio, an award for “Queen of the cruise” and a farewell, marking the longest day of the year - a cocktail "Kir Royal" is free for everyone! Dress code: yellow clothes and a sunny mood!


July 3: Day of Marine and River Transport Workers. The yachts and the team will be in full spirit, with lively music and a fun surprise at the pier "Hotel" Ukraina". On the evening cruises you will be able to taste the entertainment – with a celebratory cake!

July 26: Cuba Libre! (special cruise) *. A party in honor of the Cuban national holiday and the revolution of Cuba and promises to be a Cuban-extravaganza! The program includes a live performance from the Cuban team, latin dance master-classes, light fruit dessert menu and, of course, a cocktail "Cuba Libre" as a gift! It will be hot!


August from 22 till 29 : The Tomatina! The famous Spanish Tomato Festival or - bright and expressive festival dedicated to the departing summer. We do not promise you a tomato battle on our cruises, but dishes celebrating and with tomatoes will be in abundance!
A connoisseur of food traditions, flotilla’s chef Senor Lorenzo Strappato applies his talents to make this celebration memoarble, and invites you to an evening cruise on August 29 to taste gazpacho!


And, of course, with all of the above cruises you will experience the main joys of summer:  standing on our open decks you will feel the fresh river breeze on your body surrounded by the wonderful city of Moscow and it’s breath taking views.


Ticket price for special cruises marked with an asterisk (*) is different. Please check the price by phone +7 (495) 228-55-55