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As keeping with tradition on May 9th all cruises of the flotilla "Radisson Royal" will be dedicated to the great heroes of the victory and the winners!

On May 9th all cruises of the "Radisson Royal" are free for Veterans including a welcoming 100 grams of vodka and lunch or dinner as a gift. ** There will also be flowers for each Veteran from the flotilla! In addition, all passengers will receive, traditional for the flotilla, 50 grams of vodka for the good toast "For Victory!" and for the health of our Veterans!


On the cruises at 9.00 p.m. you can see festive fireworks soaring to the sky from different areas of the capital, and the bright colours reflecting in the Moscow River. And, of course, on all cruises Moscow is waiting for you – celebrating the start of spring and dazzling in festive dress. Happy Victory Day!


*Dear Veterans, please reserve your visit in advance by telephone - 8 (495) 228-55-55.

**Set menu for Veterans at lunch or dinner.