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Pancake week in Italian style. From 11 till 17 of March we celebrate generous Maslenitsa in Italian style on all flotilla cruises

Flotilla’s chef Senor Lorenzo Strappato, with the enthusiasm natural to him, will cook wonderful Italian pancakes - krespelli with fillings!


If you like sweet pancakes, we offer you various fillings: berry-cream, honey-nut, chocolate sauce and ice cream. If you prefer more serious fillings, you can order pancakes with chicken and mushroom sauce, with salmon and cheese "ricotta" and classic pancakes with caviar and butter.


And when You enjoyed enough sunny, golden, sweet-scented, round and butter pancakes, You will be able to make a contribution to the science of gastronomy from different countries, trying to spot 5 differences between Italian krespelli and traditional Russian pancakes.



Come, come on in

We are happy to see you in!


Today is Maslenitsa Week –


Try our pancakes as rosy as your cheek!