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Spring in the city! Surprises and festivals are waiting for you in daily flotilla’s cruises


The spring sun came back to Moscow and realized that not all people indulged in winter sleep. For example, the yachts of flotilla "Radisson Royal” cruised tirelessly through the winter, delighted the citizens and didn’t let the Moscow River to freeze completely. Flotilla is also ready for incoming of spring! Surprises and festivals are waiting for you in daily flotilla’s cruises! This spring:


  • March 8 - International Women's Day (special cruise*). Two evening cruises are dedicated to fair ladies - for romantic couples (8-00 p.m.) and for celebration in the circle of friends (7-00p.m.). Live music, dancing, prizes, surprises from the flotilla, and thousand compliments from friends and loved ones!


  • From 11 till 17 of March - Carnival in Italian style. Benefit of flotilla’s Chef. Program: dainty Italian krespelli with filling.


  • March 22 – Risotto day. Taste all kinds of risotto - from traditional to author’s recipes


  • April 12 - World Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics. Only on this day a special menu - favorite dishes of Yuri Gagarin! On the pier you will see funny themed surprise.


  •  April 26 - Day of Dance (special cruise*). Life is a motion, and motion in the beat of dance - that's life in a fun! Specially for those who feel rhythm of life, as the music on this cruise: live sound of your favorite tunes in the effervescent performance of cover bands, dance master classes from different countries; dance marathon and prizes from the partners of this cruise! Everybody dance!


  • May 1 – Labor Day. Festive Lottery “Sport Lotto” and favorite tunes of 80s during the cruise and the lovely joy of warm May day - the space of the Moscow River, summer open deck and beloved capital, full of flowers, greenery and festive attire!


  • May 9 – Victory Day. The toast to the victory - 50 grams for each guest; flowers for guests-veterans of the Second World War and festive lunch or dinner. The upper decks and comfortable yacht’s saloons with panoramic windows will allow you to enjoy with comfort the fireworks in honor of the Victory, soaring above Moscow.


And, of course, show, which will never weary:. amazing views of beloved Moscow in romantic haze , wakening to the spring celebration of life.


*For your attention! Ticket price for  special cruises marked with an asterisk (*) is different.

Please check the price by phone +7 (495) 228-55-55