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If you buy a ticket for a cruise Second ticket you will get as a bonus!

 Contrary to the weather, February is going to be hot - because it is always warmer to be together! All this month: from 1 to 28 February 2013, Flotilla "Radisson Royal" will take care about a good company for you.


If you buy a ticket for a cruise*
Second ticket you will get as a bonus!


Let’s get twice, four times, six times, and ten times more joy on ice-going yacht sailing up and down the winter Moskva River with Italian cuisine on board!


What's even more pleasant, the action "double rates" applies to tickets in first class saloon! This is your chance to have a voyage in the fully-equipped saloon on the upper deck of the new super-yacht and place your family and friends with maximum comfort and treat them on the highest level!


P.S. Even if you are an extremely delicate and heat-loving person, you will appreciate the winter cruise on the Moskva River: all yachts of flotilla "Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow" are equipped with climate control and protected by all-weather panoramic windows - maximum comfort, even in hard Russian winter!

                                                                                                                              Your good friend,

flotilla «Radisson Royal»


*Action  «Double rates» applies to everyday scheduled cruises from 1st  to 28th  of February only for adult tickets and does not apply to special cruises**


**Special cruises – means cruises with entertaining program, where the ticket price is differ from the ticket price for scheduled cruises to the higher side.