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February 14, at 8:00 pm yachts will depart from the pier "Hotel "Ukraina" in the special cruise* which perhaps will put your destiny right to the happy way!

Valentine's Day is the one special day when you just need to confide and give rein to one's passions. The main thing is to choose the right boat: the one where love and romance will set in, or the one where will be the warm friendship.


• Would you like to celebrate one-on-one?

Special for couples on the yacht "Ferdinand":  tables for two persons, white tablecloths and chandeliers, soft melodies in live performance, wine and a basket of fresh fruits and berries*, Italian cuisine and magnificent views of snowy Moscow ... of course, she will say - "Yes!".

Among other things, people in love have a chance to win in handsome prize drawing, for example: dinner for two persons in the first class saloon, dinner for two persons in business class saloon (3 prizes), premium drinks, dinner at the restaurant "Farsi" and other prizes from the partners of this cruise. The main prize is one night for two persons in “Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow" in fashionable room, including breakfast!

Ticket price - 2800 rubles. Seating inside: 30 tables for two persons each.

* Included in ticket price



• Will you celebrate with friends?

Only for good friends on the new yacht "Primavera" our festive program: complimentary starters from the flotilla, prize drawings and fun atmosphere of sincere communication!

The program of the holiday: dance master classes and live music from our special guest, endless "action" from our emcee, who will conduct your toasts to love and prize drawing! For Lucky beggars: voyage for two persons in first class saloon, premium drinks, dinner for two persons on any of flotilla’s yacht and the main prize from the hotel "Radisson Royal" - a night for two persons in luxurious room, including breakfast!
Ticket price in business class saloon - 1600 rubles;
in the first-class saloon - 2000 rubles.



Flotilla «Radisson Royal, Moscow»: we believe in love at the first sight!