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Since 14 of January till 14 of Febrary everybody who has birthday will get present from flotilla Radisson Royal

If you have a Birthday

We are very pleased when you, our dear guests, celebrate important events and anniversaries on the flotilla yachts. That’s why we always try to make your day with something special.


For example, next month, from 14 January to 14 February, our gift on all flotilla cruises - 20% discount on the whole order from the «a la carte» menu is waiting for everyone who celebrates a birthday on the date of departure!


Your guests will enjoy magnificent views of snowy Moscow and wonderful journey on the snow-white beauty-yacht through the ice of the Moscow River, and you can give the royal spread to them and get a 20% discount.


If you want to celebrate your Birthday with maximum comfort in a private circle of family and friends, it's easy to organize – the only thing you need is to buy tickets to the first class saloon.


Celebrate holidays with flotilla "Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow" -
we'll see to success!