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New Year - encore!

If New Year's party didn’t meet your expectations, or you celebrated it so well that it needs to repeat, only for you - New Year in the old style!


We invite everyone who has a festive fervor and whose life is in the old dog yet to an evening special flight* in 13 of January 2013 – we will have fun and make preparations for the New Year in the old style, more specifically:


  • Drink mulled wine


  • Admire the New Year decoration of the city and snow banks of the Moskva River


  • Tell fortunes about the future with magic cookies


  • Dance on all cylinders to the favorite and most popular tunes played by a young and fervent group KEEP IT


  • «Walk around» the menu and feel fullness of life and joy of the holiday!


If you want to celebrate Russian Old New Year in a private circle of family and friends with maximum comfort, it's easy to organize – the only thing you need is to buy tickets to the first class saloon.


P.S: Even if you are an extremely delicate and heat-loving person, you will appreciate the winter cruise on the Moskva River: all yachts of flotilla "Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow" are equipped with climate control and protected by all-weather panoramic windows - maximum comfort, even in hard Russian winter!


* Ticket price for this voyage is 1000 rubles.