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Winter festivals - program on regular cruise since December till March

While the nature is sleeping in enchanted winter dream, the most indefatigable in the world flotilla "Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow" continues its cruises on the Moskva River and delights the citizens with variety of events. In winter, the following events are at our guests’ disposal:



January 7-14: Christmas week. In traditions of Yuletide you can enjoy a holiday menu on all voyages. On January 13 at the Old New Year on the evening voyages you will find a special program, Fortune Cookies and fragrant mulled wine for all guests.


February 14: Valentine's Day (evening special voyage) *. Chandeliers with candles on round tables with a tablecloth, flowers, fruits, champagne and soft sounds of live music create festive and romantic atmosphere, perfect for the most secret words!


February 23: Defender of the Motherland Day (special voyage)*. Dedicated to the men! Especially for the stronger sex – welcoming 50 gr. of vodka and starters at your choice, as well as rousing music and dance program with live performance.


Even if you are an extremely delicate and heat-loving person, you will appreciate the winter cruise on the Moskva River: all yachts of flotilla "Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow" are equipped with climate control and protected by all-weather panoramic windows - maximum comfort, even in hard Russian winter!


P.S. Those who wish to contemplate the beauty of winter in Moscow in a private circle of friends and in superior comfort will have this opportunity to buy tickets to the first class saloon.

P.P.S.  From 01.12. 2012 to 01.04.2013 On all flotilla voyages you will find the page of Russian cuisine in main menu: pickles and borsch, pancakes with caviar and patties - simple and sincere dishes of Russian cuisine, cooked to saturate, to warm and to make you happy