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October 31, evening flotilla voyages will sail to mysterious Halloween land - this means that guests have a risk to see something off the chart

It is not known where the real world goes into another world; ancient legends associated this place with the river. Dedicated persons also say that the membrane between the worlds thins especially only once a year – at Halloween night. And then no one can be sure that a man sitting next to him at the banquet table is not a visitor from another world.


In expectation of the mystical events, flotilla’s team prepared man-made wonders, traditional to Halloween:

  • Appropriate holiday mood will be created by stylized decoration in the gloom of the hall.
  • Fragrant pumpkin dishes - thick pumpkin soup, fried prawns with pumpkin sauce and risotto with pumpkin, will imbue your imagination and strengthen your relationship with the real world - evil spirits of Halloween will not be able to put you in a bag.
  • Magic drink from bartenders will give the power and authority to implement the most fierce desire of your heart!


At this mysterious night couples in love, staring into the dark waters of the Moscow River, will be able to see the real magic: the word "happiness", appearing from the reflected by river twinkling lights.