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October 23, 2012 –Flotilla “Radisson Royal” presented with great honour its new star - a magnificent super-yacht "Primavera"*.

Despite the first frost, more than 300 guests gathered on the pier of the "Hotel" Ukraina", anxiously waiting for the yacht. Among the honored guests were the head of the Tourism Committee of Moscow Sergei Shpilko and spokeswoman Natalya Kilesso, journalists and editors of leading media, pop stars, directors and senior managers of large companies.

Dmitry Olenin - radio and TV presenter, DJ and showman set the tone of the evening.


In 8.30 p.m. in the middle of the river appeared a shroud of mystery, which outline suggested a yacht. Time stood still, guests held their breath and sounds of music spread above the water. A shroud of mystery began to fall away, and white balloons flew into the night sky - like large snowflakes falling from earth to sky under the strange scenario. Dazzling in the literal sense yacht rose to the view of guests with sparkling of white lacquer and chrome, blue glitter panoramic windows and bright colorful lights. Applause greeted the star, who began the magnificent dance on the Moscow River with the music "Waltz of the Flowers" by Tchaikovsky. It was a triumph in pure form!


When the guests were enjoying dainty and handsome treats from Chef Lorenzo Strappato, listening greetings from captain and brand manager of flotilla, resting with a live

music of Interplay, stroking polished wood restoration and admiring the interior details, there was a desire to turn the clock back and feel a childish joy of seeing a fabulous dance of huge yacht on the dark waters of the Moscow River one more time.


Upon completion of the evening guests warmly thanked the team and the staff of the yacht - for the great service and hospitality, and the team and the staff in their turn thanked guests - for that they had come and shared with us the joy of premiere!


Information in brief

3-deck river yacht "Primavera", as well as its twin yacht "Butterfly", is constructed by ship-maker in the EU in a full compliance with European standards and adapted to the Russian climate. The yacht can comfortably accommodate 300 passengers, and guests can dance waltz on open decks. Russian River Register of vessel - R 1.2 (ice 20) specified in the yacht characteristics, ensures that this miracle of shipbuilding will easily overcome ice up to 20 cm!


* In Italian Primavera means spring