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From 19 of October to 20 of November, within a framework of International Festival of Italian cuisine Buona Italia, on all our voyages you will find special festival menu

Flotilla’s chef Senor Lorenzo Strappato, multiple winner of the festival, took out from a hidden chest his favorite ricette (from Italian: recipes) to the end that you, dear guests, get lovely impressions and enter into the spirit of reckless fun and freedom, which once upon a time whispered to Mediterranean people all these gastronomic compositions.



In festival menu on all flotilla yachts:

  • Arugula salad with prawn
  • «Carne Salate» (beef «Angus», pickled to an old Italian recipe)
  • Parma eggplants
  • Seafood soup in Anconitan style
  • Lasagna with Bolognese stew
  • Dorado fillet with vegetable ratatouille and Siciliano sauce
  • Lamb loin with rosemary and roasted potatoes
  • Tiramisu


Information about Buona Italia festival

Italian cuisine festival Buona Italia is a favorite place for the best Italian restaurants in Moscow and an excellent ability to put in touch the participants with Italian traditions of gastronomy. In 2011, the Festival was added to the list of official events of "Year of Russian culture and Russian language in Italy and Year of Italian culture and Italian language in Russia." Buona ITALIA Festival is supported by the Ministry of Economic Development of Italy, the Italian Embassy in Russian Federation, the Italian Institute of Culture in Moscow and the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce.