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October 23, 2012 –Flotilla “Radisson Royal” will present with great honour its new star - a magnificent super-yacht "Primavera".

Authorities of public opinion -  journalists, chief editors of leading media, movie and TV stars, as well as Sergei Pavlovich Shpilko - head of the Moscow Tourism Committee will gathered on the pier "Hotel" Ukraina " to meet personally the new appearance in the field of Moscow river navigation


3-deck river yacht "Primavera", as well as its twin yacht "Butterfly", is constructed by ship-maker in the EU in a full compliance with European standards and adapted to the Russian climate. The yacht can comfortably accommodate 300 passengers, and guests can dance waltz on open decks. Russian River Register of vessel - R 1.2 (ice 20) specified in the yacht characteristics, ensures that this miracle of shipbuilding will easily overcome ice up to 20 cm!


The event promises to be the brightest performance of this autumn:  snowy three-deck yacht sparkling with chrome and lacquer will rise to a view of interested audience in 8.30 pm by Moscow time and begin to dance on the Moscow River together with the light show. If you walk near the pier "Hotel" Ukraina "and will see waltzing on the river yacht - do not worry, it's not an optical illusion, but just came" Primavera "*!

* In Italian Primavera means Spring