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From 6 to 12 of October regular gastronomic festival - this time about "Fruits of Autumn" takes place on all flotilla voyages.

Traditionally, in many countries October is dedicated to different fruits - for example, in England people celebrate Apple Day, in France – Chestnut Day.  Flotilla chef Senor Lorenzo Strappato, - an Italian by birth and a little bit Russian in his heart - prepared for flotilla passengers special autumn delicacy:


  • - Tasty and healthy berry fruit-drinks  - Cranberry and wild berries- for organism’s vitaminizing
  • - Magic roasted chestnuts - to maintain a romantic mood
  • - The most proper Italian lemon sorbet with champagne - for the darlings of life 
  • - And - attention! -Parfait and apple tartar, a true symbol of October!

Special October menu – impressive and seductive still-life will give a surreal and volume 4D-effect to reflective, beautiful autumn landscape, which had spattered exuberant colorings on the banks of the Moscow River.