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Oktoberfest dedicated to life lovers!

From 15 to 30 of September Oktoberfest comes to "Radisson Royal" Flotilla, it means two weeks of complete holiday for froth "nectar" lovers and all others!


On all our voyages in the most bright and sunny autumn days (golden as splendid malt) you will enjoy special menu of starters and beer in abundance, which fits every taste and color!


Apart from « registered » in the bar brands, top-line star  -  famous Bavarian night and day  dark and lager beer Spaten comes to all voyages special for Oktoberfest!


As you know, The Retinue plays the King - special starters from the Italian Chef: savory shrimps roasted in a spicy sauce; Focaccia with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, anchovies and burger with mashed potatoes will accompany the froth kingdom


For attention of travelers

During Oktoberfest keep your eye out for the beautiful ladies’ dresses: according to traditions of the holiday, if a jewelry fasten on the right side of suit, her heart is occupied, and if on the left, lady’s heart is free - full speed ahead!