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Harvest 2012 - what is waiting you on board In Autumn

Harvest – 2012

Autumn is a large-scale rotation of the year wheel; it’s time when the birds fly to the south, and citizens come back from south. And here, at home in Moscow, the flotilla "Radisson Royal" is seriously prepared to meet travel and entertainment fans, and to let  them feel themselves in a favorite environment - atmosphere, full of sparkling joy and incomparable taste of light existence!


The program of autumn voyages in 2012:


September 6: Combating loneliness day (special voyage) *. The voyage for those who are not in a relationship! Dancing, contests, master-class, live music, cocktail menu with compliments – you will find the sea of opportunities to show you worth, and look at others, who are in search and free too.


September 15 – 30: Oktoberfest. Special menu of snacks and meat dishes, beer in abundance fits every taste and color. 2 weeks of incessant holiday for beer lovers and all others!


October 6 - 12: Autumn yield festival. There are many feasts in October. Apple Day is celebrated in England, Chestnut day – in France, and in our menu you can find special autumn dainties - healthy fruit drinks from berries, fruit desserts, bright sorbets and roasted chestnuts



October 31: Halloween. Stylized scenery in semi-darkness of the hall, aromatic pumpkin dishes, twinkling lights in the dark water of the river - all these define a mysterious Celtic word "Halloween".


November 3-11: Culinary journey. Emilia-Romagna is a region in Italy, which is famous for recipe of Bolognese sauce and, of course, ecstatic sparkling wine Lambrusco. In the yachts’ menu will appear food and beverages, typical for this region


November 15-23: Beaujolais Nouveau Feast. Young wine, special starters and of course bright, light and cheerful music. On the 15th of November a glass of wine is free for each guest.


Delightful view of the center of Moscow and all its sights is commanded from our yachts. This show will never get you bored!

* Attention! The ticket price for special voyage marked with an asterisk (*) is different. Please check the price by phone +7 (495) 228-55-55