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Salute Italy!

From the 20th to the 24th of August - the week of Italian cuisine on all flotilla’s voyages!

At the end of the summer, we are particularly in need of food and beverages, pervaded with sun and exceeding love of life, typical for the natives of the south. That's why (and also because of his personal partiality), seign ior Lorenzo Strappato, the self-perpetuating flotilla’s chef prepares for our guests the most Italian dishes:

Risotto with seafood; sea bass, cooked by the old Genoese recipe; tagliatelle with tomato and pesto sauce or with salmon and broccoli in a creamy sauce and for dessert – the tenderest panna-cotta in a blackcurrant sauce.

Moreover, you will find a wider range of Italian wines - you'll be able to arrange a tasting tour of most Italian wine regions. And in our tradition - a glass of white or red wine as a gift for each guest!