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Crown of summer

At the peak season, we serve round the royal cocktails!

From 6 to 10 of August we meet our guests with scintillating, sparkling, bubbly cocktails "Kir Royal" - a classic black currant and dessert peach on all flotilla’s voyages. Those who wish to extend the enjoyment will find this wonderful drink in the bar special offer.

By the way, our waiters will be happy to offer you a dish, dessert or a snack, which perfectly match with the selected beverage.


Origin of a cocktail

According to the legend, magnificent in its narrow qualities of a cocktail - fresh and light, with a rich berry flavor, was invented by the mayor of Dijon town, Burgundy (France) Felix Kir after The Second World War. Thanks to the creative approach, this enterprising Burgundian amended the serious financial situation of the region: the fact is that the world-famous Burgundy red wines were confiscated during the war by the German army. And the honorable monsieur Felix Kir invented a cocktail, which combines two other heritage of Burgundy - liqueurs and sparkling wine, and obliged all hotels to entertain their guests at the reception, among whom were many diplomatic delegations. High-ranking delegates rewarded the new cocktail, and the export of its components was on the rise together with the income of the region.