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Main summer holiday

On June, 21 we will celebrate  the most cheerful holiday -Day of summer solstice!

This day during special cruises* we will enjoy the Sun and  will have fun till   night that  is by the way the shortest night of   the  year**! The  special cruise program will include:

-  hair brading master classes

-  creation of  your own talismans and amulets

-  accessories fashion parade

-  quiz game  by the entertainer

-  drawing the  prizes  from our  partners- Frey Wille jewellery, LLC “TRIAT SYSTEMS” (Blackberry), KETROY and Lanna Kamilina beauty parlours 

-  Selection of   a  cruise  Beauty Queen

-  Menu with surprises

-  Sea  of flowers by “Fabrika Tsvetov” floral company

-  Popular hit songs performed  by The Champions music band and live DJ sets  on the upper deck of the yacht

 -  and of course  the  sun, summer,   river, lots of smiles,  wirework of  vivid  clothing  and unforgettable breath taking views of  Moscow  from  the  best   viewpoints!!!


Dress code: yellow clothes, accessories and sunny mood!


*The price of   a ticket for  a special  cruise with  a festive program  included is 1500 rub. (inclusive of VAT)

*The special cruise   will start   at 21:00 and  last till  23:30


The history of the holiday:

The longest day and shortest night of the year falls on 20-21 of June. This holiday is celebrated in many countries around the globe under various names since ancient times. Solstice, Lita, Ivan Kupala are all the holidays of summer solstice which have sacral meaning. This day was celebrated with water (in the afternoon) and fire (in the evening). Swimming in rivers and lakes on Ivanov`s day was widely spread   in all Slavonic countries.  Traditionally during summer solstice people made amulets and talismans   of various herbs to protect their houses and domestic animals.