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Refresh your senses!

The recipe of ice cream is known for 500 years but despite this it is still extremely popular today. Starting from June,4 till June, 8 we will enjoy ice cream liked by people from all over the world and arrange cruises for its fans. Our guests will be offered kaleidoscope of sorbets and various kinds of ice cream served in sets of 3 scoops with crispy cookies and caramel, berry or chocolate sauces.

To make you plunge into the atmosphere of happy childhood during the cruises you will be offered to listen to the songs from the favourite films. Moreover, each kid will be presented with one scoop of chocolate, vanilla or pistachio ice-cream!
Urban legends about ice cream:

  • The word “Eskimo” was used by French people to call a knitted romper suit looking similar with a suit of Inuits. Later this word became also known as an ice cream “wrapped” with chocolate “romper suit”.
  • In the middle of the 19th century in Russia ice cream was served with botvinia (cold soup of fish, vegetables and fermented drink), soup, kulebyaka (pie),boiled buckwheat, French chesses, puddings, cabbage, pilaff, kissel (a sweet drink resembling thin jelly), kvass (bread drink) and Burgundy wine.
  • Being in Odessa in 1889  A.P. Chekhov daily visited the famous confectioner`s shop of Zambrini together with Glafira Pannova, the prima of the Maly Theater, and afterwards complaint to A.N. Plescheev that he spend half a fortune eating ice cream.