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New yachts!

At the begining of Autumn 2012 experts forecast rising of the Moskva River level as new Radisson Royal Flotilla super yachts are coming to Moscow.
Radisson Royal Flotilla launched its entertainment program in November, 2009 and yacht cruises immediately became the most favourite leisure activity of citizens. No doubt you are also aware of elegant outline of snow-white yachts with panoramic glazing and romantic highlight quietly sailing or easily breaking the ice of the Moskva River. And now this honorable Radisson Flotilla family is waiting for other members - two amazing super yachts with improved characteristics and capacity that will surely become new favourites of sophisticated audience and amaze numerous visitors of the capital.
Super-yachts facilities
Main deck: salon with the capacity of  196 people, climate control and all-weather panoramic glazing, bar, dance floor, modern multimedia equipment, open foredeck and afterpart; handicapped restrooms, coat room.
Upper deck: open foredeck equipped with tables, First class salon with separate technical equipment and special service.
Lower deck: 5 rest rooms, 2 dressing rooms; service compartment.
New super-yachts along with other Radisson Royal, Moscow yachts will carry out daily Moskva River cruises and upon your request will make the perfect venue for your wedding or other family occasion, conference or corporate event.
Now it is possible to arrange it on a large scale!