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Great news for a birthday person - since 15 of May 15% discount on the entire order from the źa la carte╗ menu

Flotilla "Radisson" presents you special holiday conditions:

15% discount on the entire order from the «a la carte» menu
- Whole week, since the day of your birthday!

Before the cruise You should show at the ticket office on the pier "Hotel" Ukraina "or "Gorky Park" the document * with the date of your birthday and receive a coupon ** with special offer " Happy Birthday! ".


If you have a large family, a great team and a lot of friends and you love yachts, river cruises and delicious food,  you can celebrate your birthday with everyone in turns and will not offence anyone - 7 days of holiday conditions from the flotilla "Radisson" at your service!


Your guests will derive a round of pleasures from the holiday: taste healthy and delicious Italian cuisine, admire impressive views of Moscow from the board of beautiful snow-white yacht, rest on the expanse of the Moscow River and sing together «Happy Birthday!» song, And you can regal them and get 15% discount on the bill.


Also, if you want to celebrate a birthday in a private circle of friends and family, with maximum comfort, it's easy to organize – the only thing you need is to buy tickets to the first class saloon.


* You can show your passport, certificate of birth, military ID or driver's license as confirmation.

** This coupon entitles you to 15% discount from the amount of your order from «a la carte» menu and does not give a discount on the ticket price for a cruise along the Moscow River.

Celebrate the holidays with flotilla "Radisson Royal" -
we'll make them successful!