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The unique voyage dedicated to the World Combating Loneliness day will take a departure on the 6 of September at 8.00 p.m. from the pier of "Hotel" Ukraina ".
Share your smile

There are 7 billions 57 millions 608 thousands ways not to be alone- so much people live here in the Earth. But you can come up with your own! For example, to make contact with dolphins, to learn birds’ language or to tend plants. Your keen eye, a sincere and warm attention and a kind smile – these are magical tools, daily using which you will forget about loneliness forever!

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Crown of summer
Crown of summer

At the peak season, we serve round the royal cocktails!

From 6 to 10 of August we meet our guests with scintillating, sparkling, bubbly cocktails "Kir Royal" - a classic black currant and dessert peach on all flotilla’s voyages. Those who wish to extend the enjoyment will find this wonderful drink in the bar special offer.

By the way, our waiters will be happy to offer you a dish, dessert or a snack, which perfectly match with the selected beverage.

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July, 11- World Chocolate Day
July, 11- World Chocolate Day

 Dedication to the dessert loved by everyone around the globe:  fountains will gush out chocolate during evening cruises of the flotilla!


Additionally fruits and berries will be provided and you will be able to experiment the whole evening creating your own desserts.


Moreover, if ordering tea or coffee,   you will be presented with   a compliment from the flotilla Executive Chef- a plate of delicious chocolate treats.


And you will be shown a movie about chocolate on plasma screens for deeper plunging into the chocolate theme!


Quotes about chocolate:

  • There are people whose black and white stripes of life are made of chocolate! ( Ò.Kleiman)
  • After 20 years of marriage, I think I'm finally starting to scratch the surface of what women want. And I think the answer lies somewhere between conversation and chocolate  (Mel Gibson)
  • Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands- and then eat just one of the pieces  (Judith Viorst)
  • No chocolate, no breakfast! (Charles Dickens “The posthumous papers of the Pickwick Club”).


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Our holiday-your presents!
Our holiday-your presents!

On July, 3 we will celebrate Marine and river fleet day! The team of the Radisson Royal flotilla would like to celebrate its professional holiday    with you, our Dear Guests! On this day specially for you we will prepare:


- yachts and  team festively decorated and dressed up

- life performance of the most favourite  songs

- traditional treatment during evening cruises – festive cake decorated with special fleet candles.


Please visit us to offer your congratulations and it will be the best present for us!

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Main summer holiday
Main  summer  holiday

 On June, 21 we will celebrate the most cheerful holiday -Day of summer solstice!

This day during special cruises* we will enjoy the Sun and will have fun till night that is by the way the shortest night of the year**! The special cruise program will include:

- hair brading master classes

- creation of your own talismans and amulets

- accessories fashion parade

- quiz game by the entertainer

- drawing the prizes from our partners- Frey Wille jewellery, LLC “TRIAT SYSTEMS” (Blackberry), KETROY and Lanna Kamilina beauty parlours

- Selection of a cruise Beauty Queen

- Menu with surprises

- Sea of flowers by “Fabrika Tsvetov” floral company

- Popular hit songs performed by The Champions music band and live DJ sets on the upper deck of the yacht

- and of course the sun, summer, river, lots of smiles, wirework of vivid clothing and unforgettable breath taking views of Moscow from the best viewpoints!!!

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Salute Italy!
Salute Italy!

From the 20th to the 24th of August - the week of Italian cuisine on all flotilla’s voyages!

At the end of the summer, we are particularly in need of food and beverages, pervaded with sun and exceeding love of life, typical for the natives of the south. That's why (and also because of his personal partiality), sei gnior Lorenzo Strappato, the self-perpetuating flotilla’s chef prepares for our guests the most Italian dishes

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Refresh your senses!
Refresh your senses

The recipe of ice cream is known for 500 years but despite this it is still extremely popular today. Starting from June,4 till June, 8 we will enjoy ice cream liked by people from all over the world and arrange cruises for its fans. Our guests will be offered kaleidoscope of sorbets and various kinds of ice cream served in sets of 3 scoops with crispy cookies and caramel, berry or chocolate sauces.
To make you plunge into the atmosphere of happy childhood during the cruises you will be offered to listen to the songs from the favourite films. Moreover, each kid will be presented with one scoop of chocolate, vanilla or pistachio ice-cream!

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From 6 to 12 of October regular gastronomic festival - this time about "Fruits of Autumn" takes place on all flotilla voyages.
Taste fruits of autumn!

Traditionally, in many countries October is dedicated to different fruits - for example, in England people celebrate Apple Day, in France – Chestnut Day.  Flotilla chef Senor Lorenzo Strappato, - an Italian by birth and a little bit Russian in his heart - prepared for flotilla passengers special autumn delicacy:

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October 23, 2012 –Flotilla “Radisson Royal” will present with great honour its new star - a magnificent super-yacht "Primavera".
Premiere «Primavera»

Authorities of public opinion -  journalists, chief editors of leading media, movie and TV stars, as well as Sergei Pavlovich Shpilko - head of the Moscow Tourism Committee will gathered on the pier "Hotel" Ukraina " to meet personally the new appearance in the field of Moscow river navigation

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October 23, 2012 –Flotilla “Radisson Royal” presented with great honour its new star - a magnificent super-yacht "Primavera"*.
Salute  «Primavera»!

In 8.30 p.m. in the middle of the river appeared a shroud of mystery, which outline suggested a yacht. Time stood still, guests held their breath and sounds of music spread above the water. A shroud of mystery began to fall away, and white balloons flew into the night sky - like large snowflakes falling from earth to sky under the strange scenario. Dazzling in the literal sense yacht rose to the view of guests with sparkling of white lacquer and chrome, blue glitter panoramic windows and bright colorful lights. Applause greeted the star, who began the magnificent dance on the Moscow River with the music "Waltz of the Flowers" by Tchaikovsky. It was a triumph in pure form!

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Regardless of the temperature outside, from 3 to 11 of November the weather forecast is favorable on all flotilla voyage - you will enjoy culinary trip to Emilia Romagna!
Come from Emilia-Romagna

Regardless of the temperature outside, from 3 to 11 of November the weather forecast is favorable on all flotilla voyage - you will enjoy culinary trip to Emilia Romagna!


This famous Italian region was famed for the worldwide favorite bolognese sauce (recipe was invented in the Emilia-Romagna). And if not here where else could be produced such sparkling wine with soft lyrical character as Lambrusco?!


During voyage on the Moscow River you will meet typical of the Italian region Emilia-Romagna dishes: spicy chestnuts soup, delicate medallions "Rossini" and tagliatelle with aromatic ragu Bolognese.

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New Year - encore!
New Year - encore!

If New Year's party didn’t meet your expectations, or you celebrated it so well that it needs to repeat, only for you - New Year in the old style!


We invite everyone who has a festive fervor and whose life is in the old dog yet to an evening special flight* in 13 of January 2013 – we will have fun and make preparations for the New Year in the old style, more specifically:


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Since 14 of January till 14 of Febrary everybody who has birthday will get present from flotilla Radisson Royal
If you have a Birthday

We are very pleased when you, our dear guests, celebrate important events and anniversaries on the flotilla yachts. That’s why we always try to make your day with something special.


For example, next month, from 14 January to 14 February, our gift on all flotilla cruises - 20% discount on the whole order from the «a la carte» menu is waiting for everyone who celebrates a birthday on the date of departure!


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February 14, at 8:00 pm yachts will depart from the pier "Hotel "Ukraina" in the special cruise* which perhaps will put your destiny right to the happy way!
February 14: Love cruises

Valentine's Day is the one special day when you just need to confide and give rein to one's passions. The main thing is to choose the right boat: the one where love and romance will set in, or the one where will be the warm friendship.

• Would you like to celebrate one-on-one?

Special for couples on the yacht "Ferdinand":  tables for two persons, white tablecloths and chandeliers, soft melodies in live performance, wine and a basket of fresh fruits and berries*, Italian cuisine and magnificent views of snowy Moscow ... of course, she will say - "Yes!".


• Will you celebrate with friends?

Only for good friends on the new yacht "Primavera" our festive program: complimentary starters from the flotilla, prize drawings and fun atmosphere of sincere communication!



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If you buy a ticket for a cruise Second ticket you will get as a bonus!
Double rates!

 Contrary to the weather, February is going to be hot - because it is always warmer to be together! All this month: from 1 to 28 February 2013, Flotilla "Radisson Royal" will take care about a good company for you.


If you buy a ticket for a cruise*
Second ticket you will get as a bonus!


Let’s get twice, four times, six times, and ten times more joy on ice-going yacht sailing up and down the winter Moskva River with Italian cuisine on board!


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8 of March for the most important and charming! For you dear Ladies! Flotilla "Radisson Royal" makes two special event cruises!
Gentlemen invite ladies.
  • At 19-00 for those who celebrates in friends circle.


New super-yacht calls Primavera, which means spring, invites positive and funny creatures, who is ready to dance and laugh without stop.  


  • 20-00 cruise – Gift for Darling


White table clothes with candelabrums, wine and fruits*, Italian dishes , marvelous views of evening Moscow and pathetic live sounds for romantic ladies and their noble gentlemen.


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Celebrate the First Day of May!
Celebrate the First Day of May!

On May 1st Flotilla "Radisson Royal" will be delighted to welcome all workers with the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and the sun of May day: as we open the summer decks!

Sailing along the expanse of the Moskva River with the blazing sun, light river breeze, favorite songs from our childhood with our beloved capital in flowers,  green trees and festive decoration – this is the May Day in Moscow!

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Life is a motion, and motion in the beat of dance - that's the fun of life!
Everybody dance!

Everybody dance!

Life is a motion, and motion in the beat of dance - that's the fun of life!


April, 26 at 8:00 pm from the pier “Hotel “Ukraina” - beautiful snow-white yacht "Primavera" departs on a special cruise* dedicated to International Dance Day.


We invite everyone who feels the rhythm of life, as the music, who loves to dance and would like to learn new dance moves! On this cruise you will enjoy:

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As keeping with tradition on May 9th all cruises of the flotilla "Radisson Royal" will be dedicated to the great heroes of the victory and the winners!
We congratulate the Winners

On May 9th all cruises of the "Radisson Royal" are free for Veterans including a welcoming 100 grams of vodka and lunch or dinner as a gift. ** There will also be flowers for each Veteran from the flotilla! In addition, all passengers will receive, traditional for the flotilla, 50 grams of vodka for the good toast "For Victory!" and for the health of our Veterans!

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Flotilla "Radisson Royal" congratulates the residents and guests of Moscow on the City Day and announces a special holiday program:
Celebrate the City Day!

On Saturday and Sunday

7 and 8 of September

50% discount on all* tickets

for the cruises of Flotilla “Radisson Royal” on the Moscow River!

The Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral, Red Square, the monument to Peter the First, the Sparrow Hills, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, neo-classical buildings and examples of Soviet constructivism - all the main sights of the capital from the best angles! Besides of that you will find friendly staff, modern comfort, delicious Italian cuisine, wide range of beverages for any taste and other advantages of the European level of service.


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Constant summer holiday
Constant summer holiday


Summer is a holiday itself, but the team "Radisson Royal" always tries to make any occasion a truly bright and memorable one. This summer on the daily flotilla’s cruises you will find many different festival and entertainment programs:

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June 21, we are celebrating the most cheerful holiday - the Day of the Summer Solstice!
Main Summer Holiday

On special cruise of the day we welcome the sun and celebrate before the shortest night of the year falls**! The program of special cruise includes:


  • * Expressive and evocative life performance of  band Frontmen, summer dance mixes from DJ of Moscow FM radio station on the upper deck
  • * Dances to exhaustion: master classes, competitions and your improvisations
  • * Hymn to the beauty: floral bracelets are free for all ladies, amulets of Summer Solstice day, summer hair style with flower accessories from beauty salon “FreshManiya” and gift from photo studio “Smilephoto”!
  • * Quizzes from MC and Queen of the Cruise Award with gifts giving and Grand prize!
  • * Huge prize fund from the Partners of the cruise and the Flotilla:
  • * Legendary Blackberry phones from TRIAT SYSTEMS which is a long standing partner of the Flotilla!
  • * Collective farewell, marking the longest day of the year– cocktail Kir Royal is free!
  • * And of course summer, sun, river, lots of smiles, fireworks of bright clothes and unforgettable views of beloved Moscow from the best view points! 
  • Exlusive scarfs Caractere

Dress code: yellow and orange clothes, a sunny mood!


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On Sunday, July 7 the whole country is celebrating the Day of the Sea and River Fleet - come and celebrate with Flotilla "Radisson Royal"!
Let's celebrate together!

Day of the Sea and River Fleet Workers

On Sunday, July 7 the whole country is celebrating the Day of the Sea and River Fleet - come and celebrate with Flotilla "Radisson Royal"!

Our professional holiday will meet you at the pier "Hotel" Ukraine "- the team of yachts in full uniform, highly swabbed decks, funny photo stand-in for memorable pictures on the pier, and, in the best traditions of the fleet, each sailing and docking of the yachts will be with live accompaniment of navy orchestra!


And on the evening cruises at 7-00p.m. and at 9-00p.m. - a birthday cake from the flotilla is free for all passengers!

Congratulations, dear friends and colleagues!


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The most temperamental dance party of this summer starts on the yacht of the flotilla on 26 of July, at 9.00 p.m.
Cuba Libre!

 Flotilla "Radisson Royal" presents a special cruise "Cuba Libre!"

"Cuba Libre" - is the motto of the young fancy-free and merry persons. It means that this evening flotilla’s yacht will become an area for ​​dance and animal spirits, and wind of Liberty will wave our flag!


Discover fast and furious energy inside you and rollicking courage of residents of the FREEDOM Island!


Venceremos! –it  means "We will win!"


Program of special cruise:

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Enchanting special cruise* on the board of flotilla’s yacht starts at 8.00 p.m. September, 9 - "International Day of Beauty"!
In the name of Beauty!

Flotilla «Radisson Royal» presents:


Enchanting special cruise* on the board of flotilla’s yacht starts at 8.00 p.m. September, 9  - "International Day of Beauty"!


 Aesthetes, photographers, artists, poets and their muses, and all those who feel a constant craving for beauty are invited to celebration on a snow-white yacht .


The program of special cruise dedicated to the Beauty includes:

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Movement is a life, and movement in the rhythm of dance it is life in the buzz!
Everybody Dance!

On the 25 of April  at 20:00 hours from the pier of the "Hotel "Ukraine" the one of the snow-white beauties fleet "Radisson Royal" will go on a special cruise* devoted to the International Day of Dance (International Dance Day).

We invite everyone who feels the rhythm of life, like music, like to dance and would like to learn new moves! On this cruise you are waiting for:

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In honor of the Day of Marine and River transport workers
Cruise Party

Cruise Party

In honor of the Day of Marine and River transport workers

on July 3 at 20:00

a festive special cruise* will depart from the Pier “UKRAINA” Hotel”, which is the home pier of the Flotilla Radisson Royal. The special cruise will feature:


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On August 19, celebrate the Apple Savior on all the cruises of the Flotilla!
Apple Savior

According to the traditions of this Feast we are treating all our guests to tender home-made apple charlotte with the new crop apples. And the Flotilla’s chef Lorenzo Strappato presents a simple apple charlotte recipe to you in honour of this Feast.

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On day-time cruises of the Flotilla* on September 26, you will be able to listen to interesting and fascinating stories on Moscow and its bright city sights that you will see on the route!
World Tourism Day

Flotilla Radisson Royal, with support of Moscow City Committee on Tourism and Hotel Industry, invites you to celebrate the World Tourism Day and to take a closer look at our beautiful capital city:

On day-time cruises of the Flotilla* on September 26, you will be able to listen to interesting and fascinating stories on Moscow and its bright city sights that you will see on the route!

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1st of May - start of the 1.5-hour rapid cruises for those who are used to keep up with everything!
1.5-hour Express-cruises

The favorite of the metropolitan community Flotilla "Radisson Royal" continues to anticipate the expectations of her guests. On the 1st of May the second year at a run  the 1.5-hour rapid cruises for those who like to keep up with everything are taking place!

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The 9 th of May - Victory Day
Victory Day

May, 9   is the day   of commemoration of the 67th anniversary   of the great victory.  On this day we do homage to our dear veterans and as an expression of our infinite gratitude devote all the cruises of the flotilla to this holiday.

Traditionally, on May, 9 the Radisson Royal cruises are free for veterans*   including a traditional front shot of vodka and dishes by the flotilla Executive Chef. During the cruises you will have a chance to listen to favourite songs   of   the wartime.

During the cruise at 21-00 you will be able to admire festive fireworks set off in various parts of the capital and reflecting in the Moskva River.  

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Oktoberfest – dedicated to life lovers!

 From 15 to 30 of September Oktoberfest comes to "Radisson Royal" Flotilla!

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New Year cruises for our little guests.
New-Year cruises

True holiday for children and adults on all New-Year cruises:

• New interactive program with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden*
• Puppet show "New-Year’s fairy-tale" with a charming fairy-tale hero in the lead role*
• Refreshments from flotilla’s Chef Senor Lorenzo Strappato - sweet buffet for children! Adults can choose a dish to their taste in a la carte menu at additional charge.
• Special gifts from Santa!
• Wonderful chance for adults to feel themselves like a conqueror of the North!


*The program is focused on pre-school children (4-8 years)

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The Flotilla of ice-breaking yachts of the UKRAINA Hotel, Moscow gladly announces a new direction of its Responsible Business corporate policy – preservation of endangered species of animals.
Great Bear

As of 1st of June, 2012 our fleet of ice-breaking yachts is an authorized wildlife custodian of the White Great Bear living in the Moscow Zoo Park. Today there are 3 adult white bears that found shelter here and 2 sows (adult females) of them have recently brought young healthy offspring.

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From 19 of October to 20 of November, within a framework of International Festival of Italian cuisine Buona Italia, on all our voyages you will find special festival menu
Festival in Italian style.

From 19 of October to 20 of November, within a framework of International Festival of Italian cuisine Buona Italia, on all our voyages you will find special festival menu as far as flotilla "Radisson Royal, Moscow" is a partner of this festival.

Flotilla’s chef Senor Lorenzo Strappato, multiple winner of the festival, took out from a hidden chest his favorite ricette (from Italian: recipes) to the end that you, dear guests, get lovely impressions and enter into the spirit of reckless fun and freedom, which once upon a time whispered to Mediterranean people all these gastronomic compositions.



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October 31, evening flotilla voyages will sail to mysterious Halloween land - this means that guests have a risk to see something off the chart
Halloween swim

In expectation of the mystical events, flotilla’s team prepared man-made wonders, traditional to Halloween:


  • Appropriate holiday mood will be created by stylized decoration in the gloom of the hall.
  • Fragrant pumpkin dishes - thick pumpkin soup, fried prawns with pumpkin sauce and risotto with pumpkin, will imbue your imagination and strengthen your relationship with the real world - evil spirits of Halloween will not be able to put you in a bag.
  • Magic drink from bartenders will give the power and authority to implement the most fierce desire of your heart!



At this mysterious night couples in love, staring into the dark waters of the Moscow River, will be able to see the real magic: the word "happiness", appearing from the reflected by river twinkling lights.

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Spring in the city! Surprises and festivals are waiting for you in daily flotilla’s cruises
Spring in the city!

The spring sun came back to Moscow and realized that not all people indulged in winter sleep.

For example, the yachts of flotilla "Radisson Royal” cruised tirelessly through the winter, delighted the citizens and didn’t let the Moscow River to freeze completely.


Flotilla is also ready for incoming of spring!

Surprises and festivals are waiting for you in daily flotilla’s cruises!

This spring special for You:

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Bright autumn with flotilla "Radisson Royal"!
Bright autumn

Bright autumn - 2013


The birds fly to the south, and people come back to the cities. It means that social life in Moscow will act with renewed energy, and the flotilla "Radisson Royal" has prepared for you exciting and funny events on the daily cruises. This autumn special for you:


September 9: International Beauty Day (special cruise) *. Everything for the beauty and at the name of beauty! Picturesque views along the banks of the Moscow River, soft light of outgoing summer sun, great live music and finally a beauty contest among our guests. Prizes and surprises from partners of the cruise and free glass of champagne! To the Beauty!

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It is high time to welcome summer!
welcome summer!

Due to sunny and warm weather in Moscow starting from April 21, 2012 the Radisson Royal Flotilla will open upper decks on all yachts for those who missed fresh air and river! 

We also would like to remind you that starting from May 1, 2012 the price of the tickets will be: adults - 900 rub, children - 650 rub. Children under 5 years old accompanied by adults* are for free. 

The ticket gives you the right for: 2.5-3 h cruise on the Moskva River without any stops, a seat at a table for 2, 4, 6 pax. and an opportunity to take a seat on the upper deck under the tent or open fore deck. Ticket price does not include menu dishes and beverages. Boarding starts 30 minutes prior to the departure. 

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Harvest 2012 - what is waiting you on board In Autumn
Harvest – 2012

Harvest – 2012

Autumn is a large-scale rotation of the year wheel; it’s time when the birds fly to the south, and citizens come back from south. And here, at home in Moscow, the flotilla "Radisson Royal" is seriously prepared to meet travel and entertainment fans, and to let  them feel themselves in a favorite environment - atmosphere, full of sparkling joy and incomparable taste of light existence!


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Winter festivals - program on regular cruise since December till March
Winter festivals

While the nature is sleeping in enchanted winter dream, the most indefatigable in the world flotilla "Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow" continues its cruises on the Moskva River and delights the citizens with variety of events. In winter, the following events are at our guests’ disposal:

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Pancake week in Italian style. From 11 till 17 of March we celebrate generous Maslenitsa in Italian style on all flotilla cruises
Pancake week in Italian style

Flotilla’s chef Senor Lorenzo Strappato, with the enthusiasm natural to him, will cook wonderful Italian pancakes - krespelli with fillings!


If you like sweet pancakes, we offer you various fillings: berry-cream, honey-nut, chocolate sauce and ice cream. If you prefer more serious fillings, you can order pancakes with chicken and mushroom sauce, with salmon and cheese "ricotta" and classic pancakes with caviar and butter.

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Golden summer 2012
Golden summer 2012

Those who are going to spend summer in the city will gain lots of benefits: for our passengers we have prepared a great number of vivid, cheerful and unforgettable events. The sun, water, summer, snow-white yachts are all that you need to have such fun so that the Moskva River will overflow its banks!

  • Starting from June, 4 till June, 8 we are opening the season of ice-cream: kaleidoscope of various kinds of ice-cream and fillings to the sounds of songs from favourite movies. Each kid will be presented with one scoop of ice-cream!
  • June, 21 - Day of summer solstice (special cruise)*: menu with surprises, prizes, hair braiding, selection of a Beauty Queen and seeing off the longest day of the year! Dress code: yellow clothes, accessories and sunny mood.
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New yachts!
New yachts!

At the begining of Autumn 2012 experts forecast rising of the Moskva River level as new Radisson Royal Flotilla super yachts are coming to Moscow.
Radisson Royal Flotilla launched its entertainment program in November, 2009 and yacht cruises immediately became the most favourite leisure activity of citizens. No doubt you are also aware of elegant outline of snow-white yachts with panoramic glazing and romantic highlight quietly sailing or easily breaking the ice of the Moskva River. And now this honorable Radisson Flotilla family is waiting for other members - two amazing super yachts with improved characteristics and capacity that will surely become new favourites of sophisticated audience and amaze numerous visitors of the capital.

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New Gorky Park pier
New Gorky Park pier

Dear Guests of the Radisson Royal Flotilla! We are pleased to inform you that on May 1, 2012 a new flotilla pier (“Gorky park pier”) will be opened in Gorky Central park of Culture and Leisure. Our modern yachts – restaurants will depart from the pier and carry out daily cruises along the Moskva River all year round.
The tickets for cruises as per the route ¹2 (Gorky park pier – Business centre “Moscow-city”– Novospassky bridge – Gorky park pier) may be purchased in the flotilla booking office located in Gorky park on Pushkinskaya Embankment, through our web-sitewww.radisson-cruise.ru and the flotilla terminals, our sales office located on Ukraina Hotel Pier or the company counter in the shopping and entertainment centre “European”. 

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From 1st of January to 1st of April 2014 the price of ticket for a 3 hour cruise on Moskva-River is only 650 rubles!
Everything for the Victory!

Flotilla Radisson Royal, Moscow as the winner of World Travel Awards 2013 and one of the leading tourism developing company in Moscow, expecting Winter Olympics in Sochi makes a record on lowering the prices:


  • From 1st of January  to 1st of April  2014 the price* of adult’s ticket for a 3 hour cruise on Moskva-River is only 650 rubles** and kid’s ticket -450 rubles***!
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Wedding on the yacht is fairy tale!
Wedding ceremony on board

 NEW! Special Wedding offer for 50 persons with total budget of 625 000 rubles (VAT is included):


  • * 5 hours rent of the magnificent snow-white yacht “Radisson Royal”  
  • * Dainty banquet menu with sparkling wine and service
  • * Festive decorations of the hall (table linens)
  •  * Stationary sound and multimedia equipment
  •  * Night at the legendary "Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow" with the opportunity for a photo shoot in the interiors or  delicious wedding cake from pastry chef of flotilla Radisson


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Diet menu by the author’s method of Dr. Volkov.
Diet menu

In addition to main menu of Italian cuisine and seasonal offers from flotilla’s Chef, Special menu, developed in Dr Volkov’s Clinic, is available on all flotilla cruises from December 1, 2012 to January 31, 2013.


We grant 5% discount on Special menu for all valid clients of Dr. Volkov’s Clinic on presentation of regular client’s card

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